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About Us

About Us

Halgrens Candies 1957 - 2003

David and Margaret Halgren established Halgren's Candies in 1957. The store was started from the washroom and garage Mrs. Halgren's aunt who had been living in Ontario, California since 1904. The space was used to make and sell jams, jellies and pectin candy (Citrus Delights).

By 1964, a much needed kitchen was added to a storage area and David & Margaret started creating a small selection of hand made chocolates. The hand made chocolates were a success! By the end of the year, noticing the demand for Halgren's chocolates, one of the salesman suggested offering chocolate dipped strawberries, which David & Margaret agreed to.

Today, chocolate dipped strawberries are a trademark for Halgren's Candies. Halgren's Candies continues to make delicious handmade chocolates, jams, jellies and our famous chocolate dipped strawberries are available year round. The selection of chocolates, gift baskets wedding and party favors have grown, but our dedication to quality and tradition has remained the same.

No additives or preservatives are ever used in Halgrens Candies. Only fresh wholesome ingredients are used; like fresh cream, fresh fruits, nuts, real butter, 100% Belgian Chocolate, and everything else natural! Barry Callebaut and Cacao Barry are the chocolates of choice at Halgren's Candies.


We ship our products with the same care that is taken when we make them. We have been creating delectable hand made chocolates and fresh chocolate dipped strawberries for the past 45 years. We could not have done it without you. We are proud of the purity and quality of our products, our family tradition. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our products or we will offer you a full refund or a replacement of your order.

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